Curriculum: Syllabi

Course Syllabus for 6th Grade Social Studies

The sixth grade social studies course explores the origins of ancient civilizations. The development of communities, government, communication, religion, and culture are analyzed throughout the course. The course of study spans from the earliest man through the Fertile Crescent, up to the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance.

Textbook(s) and Other Resources used:
Ancient Civilizations Through the Renaissance, Holt McDougal 2012.
Teacher Handouts
Reference Books and Materials as available

Outline of Content:

First Quarter
Topics: Early Humans and Societies
Uncovering the Past
The Stone Ages and Early Cultures
Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent
Ancient Egypt and Kush

Projects, papers, test-schedule and types:
Power point Project
Chapter tests
Vocabulary tests

Second Quarter
Topics: Ancient India
Ancient China
Hebrews and Judaism
Ancient Greece/Greek World

Projects, papers, tests-schedule and types:
Cartouche Project
Chapter Tests
Vocabulary Tests

Third Quarter
Topics: Rome and Christianity
The Islamic World

Projects, papers, tests-schedule and types:
Vocabulary Tests
Chapter Tests
Chinese New Year
Fourth Quarter
Topics: Early Middle Ages
Later Middle Ages
Renaissance and Reformation

Projects, papers, tests-schedule and types:
Medieval Shields
Design a castle
Chapter Tests

Grading: Grade is based on the school district’s grading policy.